is the username of my new tumblr find me please? i miss you guys

Okay, finally remembered the username and password.

However, even so, I’m still relocating because I’ve adjusted to the other account and got it how I wanted.

It also wasn’t made for feferi questioning but if you’d like to ask me questions still please, feel free to send me some on there.

but please, don’t be like this anon dick who’s been begging me to kill myself.

I don’t need a second one of those

Anonymous said: how come you dont post anymore

I’m sorry, things have just been hectic lately. and then i couldnt remember my password so I made a new tumblr that isnt me answering questions as fef anymore :

Diculousness is apon us.

its the most hilarious thing i have EVER read as an interpretation of homestuck. I never thought I could enjoy doing homework.

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Brand new contest!

From now until January 1st, 2012, you can have this post go around for a giveaway. It will be my present to one lucky Homestuck as a way to welcome in the brand new year! You will get to CHOOSE from the Kids, Low Blood Trolls, Middle Blood Trolls, or High Blood Trollsset of pins from the WhatPumpkin store, and I will buy them and have them personally shipped to you! 

There are, of course, rules!

  • You do NOT have to be following me, though it would be nice :)
  • Do NOT change or remove any text on this post
  • Only ONE reblog will count
  • Only ONE like will count
  • Yes, that means you can both like and reblog for TWO chances to win
  • You must have your ask box open by January 1st, otherwise I will pick someone else
  • US Only!

That’s about it! Good luck! :)


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Dear fandom: If this hasn’t been done already, you fail.

Uncut-Unstupid version here.

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twiinlu2u2-deactivated20111127- said: hey ff. iit2 been awhiile.

38( Yea) ( I wis) ( I could get online more, but t) (eres been so muc) ( glubbing stuff going on rig) (t now

Anonymous said: draw my otp (feferi<3eridan) pleaaaase

Lawl alright, I can do that gimme…an hour and a half max

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not really too upset just bored

not really too upset just bored

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